Who Am I?

Who Am I? Request

GET /api/whoami

Who Am I? Response

200 Ok
{ipaddress: "::1",language: "en-US,en;q=0.9",software: "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36"}


Timestamp Request

GET /api/timestamp/:date?

Timestamp Response

200 Ok
{"unix": 1,"utc": "Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT","Johannesburg": "1970/01/01, 02:00:00","New_York": "1969/12/31, 19:00:00","Los_Angeles": "1969/12/31, 16:00:00","Chicago": "1969/12/31, 18:00:00","London": "1970/01/01, 01:00:00","Paris": "1970/01/01, 01:00:00","Berlin": "1970/01/01, 01:00:00","Sydney": "1970/01/01, 10:00:00","Toronto": "1969/12/31, 19:00:00","Shanghai": "1970/01/01, 08:00:00","Tokyo": "1970/01/01, 09:00:00","Sao_Paulo": "1969/12/31, 21:00:00","Lagos": "1970/01/01, 01:00:00"}
400 Bad Request
{error: "Invalid Date"}

URL Shortener

URL Shortener Request

POST /api/url
{original: ""}

URL Shortener Response

201 Created
{original: "",short: "/api/url/0"}
200 Ok
{original: "",short: "/api/url/0"}
400 Bad Request
{error: "Invalid URL"}

Quotes As A Service

Quotes Request

GET /api/quotes/?limit={{number}}&author={{author}}&tag={{tag1}}&tag={{tag2}}

Quotes Response

200 Ok
{quotes: [{quote: "To iterate is human, to recurse divine.",author: "Peter Deutsh",tags: ["humor"]}]}

Exercise Tracker

Create User Request

Create New User
POST /api/exercisetracker
{username: "John Doe"}

Create User Response

201 Created
{username: "John Doe",_id: "63b74fd0bbc598b8fa544c5d"}

Create Exercise Request

Create Exercise

POST /api/exercisetracker/:_id/logs
{_id: "63b74fd0bbc598b8fa544c5d",duration: 120,date: "2020-01-01",description: "Dodge, dip, duck, dive, dodge"}

Create Exercise Response

201 Created
{_id: "63b74fd0bbc598b8fa544c5d",username: "John Doe",date: "Wed Jan 01 2020",description: "Dodge, dip, duck, dive, dodge"}

Get Exercise Logs Request

GET /api/exercisetracker/:_id/logs?to={{date}}&from={{date}}&limit={{number}}

Exercise Logs Response

200 Ok
{_id: "63b74fd0bbc598b8fa544c5d",count: 1,username: "John Doe",log: [{description: "Dodge, dip, duck, dive, dodge",duration: 120,date: "Wed Jan 01 2020"}]}

Metric / Imperial Converter

Converter Request

GET /api/converter?input={{input}}


GET /api/converter?input=123mi

Supported units: km, mi, L, gal, kg, lbs

Converter Response

200 Ok
{initNum: 123,initUnit: "mi",returnNum: 197.94882,returnUnit: "km",string: "123 miles converts to 197.94882 kilometers"}

British / American Translator

Translator Request

POST /api/translate
{text: "lorry bank holiday 1.15",locale: "british-to-american"}

Translator Response

200 Ok
{text: "lorry bank holiday 1.15",translation: "<span class=\"translated\">truck</span> <span class=\"translated\">public holiday</span> <span class=\"translated\">1:15</span>"}
400 Bad Request
{error: "Required field(s) missing"}

Issue Tracker

Add Issue Request

POST /api/issues/:project
{"issue_title": "test","issue_text": "this is a test","created_by": "admin","assigned_to": "admin"}

Add Issue Response

201 Created
{"assigned_to": "admin","status_text": "","open": true,"_id": "63b75ef85ca1072dcc0b9b38","issue_title": "test","issue_text": "this is a test","created_by": "admin","created_on": "2023-01-05T23:36:24.644Z","updated_on": "2023-01-05T23:36:24.644Z"}
400 Bad Request
{error: "required field(s) missing"}

Update Issue Request

PUT /api/issues/:project
{"_id": "63b75ef85ca1072dcc0b9b38","issue_title": "test","issue_text": "this is a test","created_by": "admin","assigned_to": "admin","status_text": "test complete","open": false}

Update Issue Response

200 Ok
{"result": "successfully updated","_id": "63b75ef85ca1072dcc0b9b38"}

Delete Issue Request

DELETE /api/issues/:project
{"_id": "63b75ef85ca1072dcc0b9b38",}

Delete Issue Response

200 Ok
{"result": "successfully deleted","_id": "63b75ef85ca1072dcc0b9b38"}

Get Issues Request

GET /api/issues/:project?created_by={{creator}}&assigned_to={{person}}&open={{boolean}}

Get Issues Response

200 Ok
[{_id: "63b75ef85ca1072dcc0b9b38",issue_title: "test",issue_text: "this is a test",created_by: "admin",assigned_to: "admin",status_text: "test complete",created_on: "2023-01-05T23:36:24.644Z",updated_on: "2023-01-06T00:10:58.852Z",open: false,__v: 0}]